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box your mask virus-free

BoxMeo ensures a hygienic usage of face masks with the possibility to disinfect it from COVID-19 by using solar energy. A thermometer will indicate if your face mask has reached the potential heat to inactivate COVID-19.



the safe place for your face mask

Only wearing masks does not prevent the spread of COVID-19 ~ World Health Organization (WHO)
That means, the face mask must be used hygienically. 

The benefits of BoxMeo



sanitize your face mask after every use by just simply using the BoxMeo.


Hygienic safekeeping

don’t bear the risk of COVID-19 infection by indirect contact with contaminated surfaces other face masks was lying on. 



instead of disposing your face mask you can use dry heat as disinfection method with BoxMeo. 

 How to box the mask virus-free...

  and let the sun do her magic

Mask boxmeo

A used face mask

is unsanitary over time and can be contaminated with COVID-19.



Keep the face mask at a hygienic place. 

box mask sun


COVID-19 gets inactivated when the box reaches temperatures from 60 °C to 80+°C

clean mask boxmeo

Clean mask

The mask is disinfected and can be re-used 


Heat inactivates viruses –
A proven Method

A study published on April 2, 2020 in the journal “The Lancet” says that the virus is […] susceptible to heat. When the ambient temperature was raised to 70 degrees, the virus was inactivated within five minutes.

Other studies confirm that COVID-19 can already be inactivated at relatively low temperatures. For most samples, application times of approximately 32.5 minutes will be sufficient at 60 °C, 3.7 minutes at 80 °C and 0.5 minutes 100 °C. 

We focus on sustainable impact



Per sold box we donate one to countries in need 



Reduction of tons of facemask waste by keeping them hygienic with BoxMeo 



Providing solutions for hygienic workplaces.  Supporting the regional economy

Become a partner to show solidarity!

Our win-win projects to support people in need

BoxMeo South-Africa

One for one

Purchase boxes for your company to provide hygienic workplaces. For every box you buy, we donate one to people in extraordinary need.

Your benefits:
Employer Branding
Improvement of your CSR
Assurance of hygienic workplaces


Sponsoring / Donations

Sponsor a special amount of Boxes to support people in extraordinary need.

Your benefits:
 Improvement of your CSR
 Decent advertisement with reach
 Sole branding 

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Why BoxMeo

95% of the population are required to use facemasks.
Facemasks are critical in our everyday life but still may carry a risk of COVID-19 infection when not used properly (WHO).

Disinfecting methods like UV light, sanitizer, or washing may reduce the effectiveness, damage the mask, or are not effective enough. These solutions are only focusing on disinfection of facemasks.
The safekeeping is neglected.

BE HONEST, are you keeping your face mask on a hygienic place?

BoxMeo allows the hygienic safekeeping of your facemask and with the innovative features, you can expose it to the sun and disinfect it from COVID-19 by using dry heat.

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BoxMeo is in the TOP10 of the VersusVirus incubator.

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