How to box the mask virus-free...

  and let the sun do her magic

Mask boxmeo

A used face mask

is unsanitary over time and can be contaminated with COVID-19.



Keep the face mask at a hygienic place. 

box mask sun


COVID-19 gets inactivated when the box reaches temperatures from 60 °C to 80+°C

clean mask boxmeo

Clean mask

The mask is disinfected and can be re-used 

Safety Instructions

WARNING: To guard against injury, basic safety precautions should be observed, including the following: READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY, WARNING NOTICES AND OPERATIONAL INSTRUCTIONS. • DANGER: To avoid burning yourself, special care should be taken when touching or handling the heated BoxMeo • Keep a hot BoxMeo out of the reach of children • BoxMeo should not be placed in/on any electrical heating devices such as microwaves, ovens, or any of nature • Do not use any alcohol-based or flammable solvents/materials on the mask when placed within BoxMeo • BoxMeo is not fire-proof • BoxMeo is used at your own risk and is intended to increase the probability of inactivation of COVID-19 • Following these instructions you can reduce the risk of infections - we cannot guarantee that the mask will be 100% disinfected after the use of BoxMeo • Damaging BoxMeo will reduce the effectiveness to disinfect the mask • Do not use BoxMeo for any other than the intended use. USER INSTRUCTIONS: FUNCTION 1 - BoxMeo the safe place for your mask: Use BoxMeo as a safe-box for your mask to avoid contact with other objects or surfaces. Remove the mask if it is required to be used. Place BoxMeo in your bag or pocket to use as your personal safe place for your mask. FUNCTION 2- inactivating COVID-19 from used masks: Fit the mask into BoxMeo, ensuring all parts of the mask are inside BoxMeo and nothing is obstructing the closing of the lid. Place the lid and the base of BoxMeo together and ensure a snug fit. BoxMeo should be placed out of the wind and if possible, on a warm surface. Position BoxMeo in direct sunlight, perpendicular to the rays to focus the intensity of the sun. The thermometer inside BoxMeo shows if the minimum temperature of 60 °C has been reached. If not, close the lid, try to protect BoxMeo from the influence of a cool ambient temperature or wind, and repeat the heating process. If the temperature inside is still less than 60 °C, follow the instructions above or try again when the sun and climate are favorable for the sanitation process. Application time (approximately): 40 minutes at 60 °C*, 10 minutes at 80 °C (* temperature of the mask).

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